[inter]view with…Thalia Heckroth.


First [inter]VIEW of 2016, and what better person to start?
Thalia Heckroth, an Editorial genius!

I started following her work when, some years ago, she sent a notice inworld regarding my store C O R P U S™ .
I thought that was really sweet. Then after some time she sent me a group invite for The Magazine group, and that when I really started watching her more closely.
I always thought, and still think, she is a very discreet and reserved person.

As a “rule”, people who act in this way are the most talented. I was not wrong.
I consider her to be a brilliant photographer and she is now with a new project: her store, Thalia Heckroth.
I think both, me and the world, would like to know a little over Thalia Heckroth.

D |  Thalia Heckroth… Who is she? Tell us a bit about you.

T | Thalia Heckroth is a brand that comprises photography and video works as well as a line of virtual mesh clothing. Behind her there’s a woman obsessed with visuals and quality who found in Second Life an extension to express herself.

D | Photography… What’s your inspiration? Music, items you wear, other kind of art… What goes through your head when you click on shoot button?

T | Photography is an essential part of my life, ever since I can recall. The work of Herb Ritts, Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Peter Lindbergh, Paolo Roversi, Mario Testino, Patrick Demarchelier, Melissa Rodwell (one of my teachers in real life) and Emmanuel Lubezki has a significant influence on me.

For music, since there are so many Artists I enjoy, I rather share with you a couple of my personal playlists.



As for clothing, I only wear the best.

I love Minimalism.

When shooting, I already have a concept in mind. Light, pose, model, styling, angle, location, attitude…all of those are factors I consider.

D | You’re video producer as well… And I envy every frame you shoot. You make killer editorial videos. Video Producing is same passion as Photography?

Video is just like photography, with the only difference that you shoot 100 frames instead of 1.

I admire the following Directors: David Lynch, David Cronenberg, Stanley Kubrick, Pedro Torres, Tony Scott, Alejandro Gonzalez-Iñarritu, Alfonso Cuarón and Guillermo Del Toro.

William Weaver has been without any doubt the man who taught me the most about visuals in Second Life.

D |  Your blog is extremely tasteful. In my opinion one of the best blogs I seen.
What motivates you and why?

T | My blog was created with the sole purpose of giving my photos and videos a place to be stored. Somewhere I could share with the Second Life Community not only visuals, but the credits for all the items used in the process of creation, such as clothing, hair and pose designers.

D |  Your store. Everyone knows it’s under your name.
How did that project start. What are your goals… Which is your target audience, and what you want to accomplish. Tell us everything.

T | Branding is essential to me. My store reflects my personal taste when it comes to clothing.
I wanted to create items that I would wear myself. It has been a long learning process which continues to this day. It represents my point of view because that’s what my brand is all about. My customer is confident and polished, someone who loves a reinterpretation of basic pieces in her wardrobe. Sophisticated and pragmatic.

D |  Now… tell me what you want to say… Let us know your statements, what runs inside you. What you have to say about SL or your SL life, people, fashion… Whatever it crosses your mind. No filters, like no one will read this.

T | Less is more. Don’t overdo stuff. Don’t overthink. Keep it simple. Play some good music. Cherish those around you. Be inspired and if your work inspires others in the process, great.


Check out her editorial video here

And her Flickr page here.

Thank you Thalia!


2 thoughts on “[inter]view with…Thalia Heckroth.

  1. Having known Thalia for some months now it is a pleasure to see her work style and personality emerge here for the larger audience: she is my most insightful friend and I just love how her striving for perfection comes out in this text in true essence.

    Liked by 1 person

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