Le duo… with IsaacGus

I decided to create a new feature on my blog. From time to time I will select a theme to feature on the blog and invite a friend to do it with me.

The first one I invited, is my Blogger Manager at CORPUS, IsaacGus. The theme was random.

So we were discussing about CORPUS stuff and I saw the outfit he was wearing and randomly decided to style accordingly.

Enjoy our first ‘Le duo’ with Isaac.



H A I R  | Monso – My Hair;

J A C K E T | FitMesh – Ironwash Jacket [shirt included];

P A N T S | Lybra – Nunzio Jeans;

S K I N   A P P L I E R  | Clef de Peau – Declan;


H A I R | Lelutka – Alyssa;

T O P | Ricielli – Maryna Top @ Shinny Shabby;

S K I R T | Tetra – High Asymmetric Drape Skirt;

B R A C E L E T  |  Kunst – Lucius;


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