new place to live_014

I finally made up my mind. The house is complete and up to my taste.
Minimal , devoid of excessive ornamentation.
It’s my special place. I decided to show some of the items that comprise it.

In front of a beautiful beach, as It could not be another way.

new place to live_008

HOUSE | Scarlet Creative – Cotton Box Prefab;

TELEVISION | Fullscreen – Internet for Viewer 2 @ MP;

[Television works with any web page you desire]

new place to live_010

PLANT | LP2 – Monstera – A

new place to live_011

LAMP | NSB – Wilfred Standing Lamp;

new place to live_012

SOFA | LISP – Charlotte Sofa Nerd – Mesh;

RUG | Haikei – Just lazy Rug – V.2;

WALL ART | NSB – Soho;

new place to live_013

BED | Abiss – Vario Bed;

LAMPS | Abiss – Vario Bed Lamps;

CLOCK | CE – Gear Clock;

VASE | Orange Creations – Vase of Sticks;

new place to live_014

PILLOWS | What next- Sophia Floor Pillows;



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