This time I won’t credit what we are wearing because me and Skip are wearing nothing really special.

At Shiny Shabby, Kunst decided to release some amazing stuff. I always loved their creations… So much I don’t take of my rings and they are all from Kunst.

This time they released a gatcha set called World Travellers Corner. Of course not all the items are from Kunst, but I’ll show you credits:


CHAIR | Kunst – Vintage Chair – Dark Wood @ Shiny Shabby;

DESK | Kunst – Vintage Roll Top Desk [RARE] @ Shiny Shabby;

ATLAS BOOKS | Kunst – World Atlas Books [b] @ Shinny Shabby;

MAP | Kunst – Old World Map @ Shiny Shabby;

GLASS | Kunst – Globe Brandy Glass # 1 @ Shiny Shabby;

LAMP | Kunst – Vintage Desk Lamp @ Shinny Shabby;

NOTEBOOK | 8f8 – Secret Diary;

MONEY | Sorgo – Dinadinar pile;

ASHTREY | Hermony [old];

GUN | Bamse – Mr. Pineapples – Loaded [Rare];

GRANADE CASE | Bamse – Mr. Pineapple – Grenadier’s Case [Rare];

POSE | by me


[all set was created by me]



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