B A S K I N T A. An experiment in world peace










Resuming, Baskinta is a city in Lebanon, that suffered from the civil war, from 1975 to 1990.

Transcendental Meditation (TM) started to be implemented in 1981, by being taught to the local villagers. Their stated goal was to teach enough people so that the village could quickly achieve the “1% effect” – it means 1 % of the people of Baskinta learned TM.

Baskinta was a major test to see what impact meditators would have on a society convulsed by open warfare, and TM got really positive effect in bringing peace.

This sim is inspired in Baskinta and TM effects. There, you will be able to practice TM. Several spots are marked so you can be able to relax and achieve your inner peace, do your introspection… Or you can simply take a while apreciating it beauty, and maybe do a few pictures and share with us.

It will the open to public in October 1st.

More details can be seen on the links below.

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The concept was created by Wrennoir Cerise and GoodCross. We will also have a few theatres you can visit, with a few videos worth to watch, and Venus Petrov as the invited artist that will exhibit her work for everyone to enjoy.

Sim design was made by Ayla Zhoy and mmorganwhitfield.

LM is not yet available, but will be spammed pretty soon.

All of the main infos will be disclosured on FB link above.

Keep an eye on it!





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