I am a woman of simple tastes. I studied design and it made me love more the arts in general.
I love photography, especially. Had the privilege to handle lenses of several types and forms, and reveal the image behind a negative, like old school teaches.

B&W manual photography are my kind of deal.

Fashion is a pleasure I carry from a very young age.
These pleasures and passions make me a restless person, greedy and hungry for more.
With this hunger, born CORPUS.

CORPUS is a brand that exists since October 2010, started with Editorial poses, and the voracious need to create good poses for Fashion World. Today, it handles the editorial lines, the Model Series, Couple poses and Men Series. The constant need to do more a new things, brought me to new horizons, which I am currently exploring to develop CORPUS to another level.

The fashion industry was where I started. I’m a model since 2008 and I had the pleasure to work with / and for the best brands and designers that Second Life knows.
Dictated trends, taught, photographed, built, learnt, blogged, won and lost competitions… Life’s a learning channel, and I have already made a lot, but there’s always something more, and I hope to show you a bit more of that to you.

If you want to know more, contact me by following ways:

E – M A I L  | d_icon@outlook.com
S K Y P E | diconay
F A C B O O K | https://www.facebook.com/diconay.boa

T W I T T E R | @diconay_boa

R E S U M E  |  http://diconayboa.wix.com/diconayboa [complete version];